Secure IT is an independent consulting firm. Our focus is helping you to assess and optimize the effectiveness of your business IT systems and the organization that supports them. We provide independent and objective analysis of your requirements. You can be assured that we will represent your needs and requirements.

Our evaluations and recommendations are based on your business requirements, budgetary, and staffing constraints. The bottom line is we focus on your needs and give you an objective assessment of what you need to do. We insure that recommendations based on the assessment are obtainable and affordable. We can often dramatically reduce your overall expenditure on computer systems.

We will bring together a partnered team of specialists in virtually every aspect of computer systems to help find the right mix of resources for your business.

We offer a broad range of services but here are our most popular:Gammacom Products and Services

Computer Systems Assessment

The needs and requirements of your business are the basis of everything we do. We do not try to squeeze you into a "roadmap" or pre-packaged solution. The single most important service we provide is the computer systems assessment we conduct to determine how well your existing systems and IT organisation are responding to your needs and what should be done to remediate any issues found during the analysis.

We start by working with your senior staff to define the business requirements of each business unit included in the study. We will then go through a process of data collection and interviewing to assess your current systems and determine how well they meet your requirements. We will look at the cost of maintaining existing systems versus alternatives. We review risk of utilising existing systems and equipment, and we will provide an objective assessment of your existing IT organisation, their skill-sets, and ability to respond to current and future directions in computer system technology.

IT Strategy

Contrary to what many vendors will tell you, there is no magic road map that will take you into the future. Each company needs to take a close look at its current business requirements that can benefit from computer systems integration. You must then look at current computer systems, computers, software products, and your IT organisation in order to build a specific plan or road map to insure that you are on a safe and reliable path to the future. Based on the assessment described above, we can help you formulate your long term IT strategy. This means looking at all forms of alternatives that may meet your needs such as moving to cloud computing, outsourcing development and dramatically reducing costs. Looking at 3rd party software to replace existing systems, or development if that is deemed to be required. Once again there are no right or wrong approaches to a strategy for your organisation. We will develop a unique strategy that meets your requirements and budget.

Project Management

There are numerous news articles covering failed computer systems projects. We have never been involved in a failed project. We will take a close look at your policies, processes, procedures, and controls used to manage computer system projects today. We will help to improve these processes and procedures to insure a user centric approach that insures success. We will help you provide the controls that insure that each IT project whether developed in-house with local programmers, outsourced to a 3rd party, or implementing using 3rd party software vendors is managed and controlled to insure the ongoing cost effective management of the systems and more importantly that your requirements are met within each project.

IT Governance

In today’s world of constantly changing technology and the need to insure that your computer systems match and meet your business requirements it is critical that you put in place a proper set of controls at the highest levels of the enterprise. We can assist you in setting up both board and executive level committees to shape and guide IT in your organization into the future and insure that your IT organization continues to meet the needs of your business. -- Return to top

Failure to meet regulatory requirements, implement proper controls, and provide proper security can cost you millions of dollars and even put you in jeopardy of criminal prosecution! We can help you meet regulatory requirements and remediate any issues raised by your auditors in order to insure compliance with regulatory controls, and guidelines. Additionally we can put in place controls that assure that you are operating within acceptable guidelines on a day-to-day basis.

Cloud Computing

Many of our clients have chosen to move from in-house computers and equipment to reliable and secure cloud based providers. Cloud computing can dramatically reduce the cost of computer systems while providing a more secure and reliable computing environment. Not only do many clients eliminate costly equipment and risky periodic upgrades, they eliminate the cost of the people and infrastructure required to support them. Don't let hardware vendors lead you astry on this key issue. Cloud based systems can be more secure and reliable than systems you create and maintain on your premises.


There are tremendous opportunities and advantages to using outsourced system development resources such as developers in India, China, or other countries. In many cases it is also desirable to buy software packages instead of building them. In both cases, the challenge faced by most enterprises is managing the use of these external resources. We can assist you in setting up the proper controls on your side to effectively manage remote resources and insure quality and cost effective use of these resources. In the case of 3rd party software including SAP and Oracle based products we can provide a buffer between you and the vendor that insures you get exactly what you are paying for and that the vendors provide the highest level of support you should expect for the money you spend.


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