About Secure IT Australia

Secure IT Australia is a multi-skilled, technology outsourcing company. We specialize in managed corporate IT environments with a focus on security in server and network technologies. Using an all-in-one approach, Secure IT Australia aims to provide end-to-end solutions - giving companies a full suite of professional services and premium products that embodies a fully functioning, business IT landscape.

Our Location

Overlooking the northern Brisbane area, Secure IT Australia is located Near North Lakes. Our street address is 11 Jodie Street, Kallangur Australia. Visitors are always welcome for a chat and a tea or coffee. You can also call our roaming mobile anytime on 0417 524 034. 

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Our Beginnings

Secure IT Australia was a visionary opportunity that began its development, guided by Jonas Nimmo - a Network Engineer and Software Developer with a dream. Our premier project was to develop a functional, multi-client, data backup monitoring system to manage 30+ business backup plans throughout Brisbane companies - in a time when managed backups had not become a 'buzz word' in IT circles. The project was a success as Secure IT Australia was only just beginning to open up to the commercial community.

Our Expansion

Over the last decade, Secure IT Australia has achieved further success in hundreds of technology based scenarios. We have expanded into facilitating cloud environments from registration and management of domain names, website creation, management and hosting, up to and including complete virtualization environments with hosted servers for entire organizations. Secure IT Australia has recently opened up an offering of Managed Services to current and new clients alike; Managing everything from backups, security, servers, workstations, networks, websites, right down to the simplicities of user guidance and support.

Our Roots

One thing that sets Secure IT Australia apart from other multi-national conglomerates is that we have stuck to our roots and still take care of the little people too. We have never considered any project too small or too big. We still assemble and test basic hardware, yet we can design, manage and facilitate the cabling of a multi-story building. It all comes down to our deep rooted common sense approach which has guided us through, time and time again.

Our Continued Support

Secure IT Australia's great support is something we have become renown for and well into the future, we intend to continue this tradition. We envision Secure IT Australia as a long standing and respected member of the IT community throughout Brisbane and more so, throughout the country.