Anti-Spam Solutions

A mail server can be inundated with some 250000 unsolicited emails in a single weekly period. Our Anti-spam solutions can stop you from being the next target and defend your business from unwanted spam and time wastage.

The large majority of anti-spam solutions check for spam once the email has downloaded into the mail system. Once downloaded a Bayesian search of known spam attributes is conducted which identifies suspicious email as spam and the file is labelled and stored to be dealt with at a later date. Our product will stop 80% of the spam from downloading to your system entirely, hence removing 80% of the risk at the perimeter.

Few people realize that unsolicited emails won't just occupy hard disc space, but also consume precious internet bandwidth!

You pay for the inconvenience of downloading spam; The more there is, the more you pay. In addition, it is suggested that spam can take up to one minute of an employee's time to deal with each spam message - calculate that over a year and you are looking at hundreds of dollars of wasted man hours within your business.

There are numerous anti-spam solutions available on the market. Most automated solutions suffer some generic disadvantage; They all require a degree of user management and they all block legitimate emails when you least expect. Our solution has a proven track record of blocking the least amount of legitimate email.

Secure IT Australia has assessed the effectiveness and costs of various spam filters available and has chosen the best solution called ASSP. The advantages we have identified with this program when configured correctly are:

  •  Blocking unsolicited email before it is downloaded onto the system mail exchange provides for a much cleaner and more stable exchange. You save money because you use less bandwidth and the system runs faster because it has less clutter to deal with. Other solutions download the complete message before dealing with it.
  •  It has a delaying feature which most other offerings do not. Spammers generally operate by hitting an address and gauging the response. When receipt of the email is delayed, the response is delayed, and thus the spammer thinks that the address is invalid and moves on to the next hit on the list. This one feature blocks 70% of spam.
  •  If the email is genuine the sending server will usually try again after a few moments and the email is then accepted. The down side of this function is that genuine email is no longer instant but will take four minutes to be received.
  •  External Blacklisting is optional (yet recommended). Black lists are usually maintained by a third party and is reactive rather than proactive. By the time the spammer's address is on the black list, the spammer has moved on and is using another address to send from.
  •  No licenses per user to pay for. No ongoing subscriptions or fees.
  •  Self maintaining automatic updates run on schedule.
  •  ASSP has an auto-learning capacity. Spammers are constantly changing their strategies in much the same way that the creators of virus programs are constantly changing their strategies. ASSP has the ability subject to (some minimal ongoing configuration) remain current.
  •  Full Antivirus email and attachment checking and removal with a vault from which to regain access to incorrectly identified attachments when required.
  •  Functional white list which is developed by identifying the company's mail contacts and adding to them to the list over time.
  •  Simple to use email vault to retrieve falsely identified spam.
  •  Little user intervention and great user control.

Talk to us to find out how we can minimize your email and spam costs whilst maximizing your communications efficiency.