Advanced Application Delivery Solutions

AADS is a terminal services add-on program that runs on the Windows operating system. It can be installed on most reasonable quality desktop PCs or very high-end servers. Once installed and configured, AADS enables high quality remote access for an unlimited number of users. Its low cost and scale-ability allow it to be of immense use in a range of business environments from a few PCs with a peer to peer network to corporate networks with hundreds of users.Gammacom Advanced Application Delivery Services

Any organization that uses Microsoft Windows and is considering, for whatever reason, to use Microsoft Terminal Server solutions, should consider AADS first, because it is easier and cheaper to deploy, but mostly because of the easy and relaxed license terms.

Advanced Application Delivery Solutions enables you to deliver Applications to all your users:

  •  Multiple concurrent remote desktop sessions.
  •  Scalable performance, using the Load Balancing of the Farm functionality.
  •  Application Control and Publishing. Give your users only the applications they need.
  •  Seamless Windows & Desktops.
  •  Integrated web server for an online desktop portal using browser access.
  •  Small version and Enterprise version available.
  •  Integrated SSL Gateway for a secured connection, everywhere in the world.
  •  Runs on:
    •  Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate, Windows 8 Professional and Enterprise, Windows XP Pro SP2 or higher, Vista Business and Ultimate.
    •  Server 2003, Standard, Enterprise and Small Business Server, Server 2008, including Small Business Server 2008, SBS 2008-R2, SBS 2011, Server 2012 including 2012 Essentials.
  •  Built-in Postscript / PDF printer.
  •  Runs on 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows.
  •  One license per server. One fixed price per server. No hidden fees or charges.

The actual maximum number of users is only limited by your own infrastructure.

1 or more AADS Servers
Gammacom Advanced Application Delivery Services
Multiple clients running Windows, OSX, Linux or Thin Client devices